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VTADS is the fastest growing Global Ad network. We have strong experience in the online advertising industry. Buy mobile traffic, set up campaigns using self-serve interface and leverage the true power of real time bidding.As an advertising Network we represents a perfect combination of smart tech solutions and custom approach to help enhance online business growth for advertisers, webmasters and ad networks. At our core we are a digital agency with a focus on combining the latest in technology with high-end digital communications.

Key Features

  • Highly motivated and skilled team
  • Expertise in all kinds of digital platforms
  • Effective performance advertising and marketing for advertisers & publishers
  • We have CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPI models with 100% fill rate : Payout ontime

Why You Choose Us?

All types of traffic to meet your Goals

Effective Targeting

Well built targeting parameters like Geo-time,Device,etc which ensures traffic is shown to relevant people.

ORM Services

Brand Building & Optimization Services. Fastest growing agency that delivers high-performing solutions to online publishers & advertisering brands.

Increase your ROI

Make Good Profit from your Ad-campaigns Profitable Campaign with more desirable return on investment.Complement your product to the fullest.

Cross-Platform Advertising

App marketing on Android device or Lead generation across desktops, name it and we can do it.

Managed XML Cooperation

Setup, fund and launch your campaigns today for a user-friendly advertiser or publisher dashboard.

Industry-leading Support

Our veteran marketeers will provide a hands-on solution and assist you in reaching your goals and KPIs.


Affiliate Marketing

VTADS offers effective performance advertising and marketing for advertisers, agencies and publishers with accurate tracking facility.


We provide Real Time Bidding Platform for Display as well as XML search ads. To cater our Advertisers & Publishers we work in different pricing model.

POP UPS Mobile & Desktop

We run Direct VAS offers (CPA) for Mobile as well as CPM and CPC, CPL, CPI Models with 100% fill rate based on advertisers requirement and budget.


Traditional display advertising done right with premium websites through RTB integration and 2nd bid capabilitites.


Perfect for mobile devices, push ups appear in front of browser window, this add format is ideal for mobile advertising.


Traditional pop ads have been around since the start and are still one of the most effective ad formats today.


Use sponsored content or native ads and embed your presence in premium content read daily by millions of users.


Advertising with us help not only to maximize your ROI but also increases your reach in terms of brand positioning in the market and convert them into paying customers.We are here to make advertising work better for you. Now you can serve and measure your ads to real people across devices, browsers and publishers. Hassle free adverting solutions with accurate reporting and advance tracking mechanism.


Infinity-Info offers a one-stop solution for publishers looking to earn maximum advertising revenue from their traffic and website. We collaborate with many of the leading Search Networks, Affiliate and Ad-agencies across the globe. With our primary services such as Search XML, Display and Mobile, publishers can get maximum coverage on our network and receive worldwide ad-inventory which allows you to deliver the most appropriate CPC,PPC,CPM.CPL,CPI ads for your traffic.

Sponsored Search: Easy to implement Sponsor Search Results (XML Search Feeds) with world wide coverage for ads. We are working with premium clients, Direct Advertisers, Networks which mean our publishing partners getting paid for remarkable CPC results.
Display/ Mobile/ Video Ads: Easy to impliment JS or Ifrmae Codes. IAB Standard Banner sizes. Serve images and rich media to genrate maximum ROI. Show targeted relevant ads on your site/APP.
Pop Ads: If You have good quality PopUP/Under/Over Traffic world wide then you deserve a better ad network like us. We are the highest and fastest paying ad network on the market specialized in popunders.
Affiliate Marketing Partners: Offers effective performance for publishers with accurate tracking facility and best CPT/CPI/CPA/CPL rates offered.
- Easy Integration
- Increase Your ROI
- Dedicated account manager
- Search/PopUp/Display Ads
- Comparely High Payout
- Video Ads On Fixed CPM
- World Wide high quality advertisers
- Self Serve Platform

We help our publisher to earn maximum from their web traffic with effective optimization

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